Ideas make business


MEDIA1 is the largest Russian private group of companies. Our key priority is the development of media assets in traditional and digital environments with an emphasis on high economic efficiency and leadership in chosen niches.
100 Мmedia outreach
500 Мhours of contact with audience

We manage effectively

Business efficiency and asset maximization are at the center of everything we do. The result is important for us, not the process and chaotic creation. We make decisions quickly, but we think over each of them.

We value cooperation

We are distinguished by high ethics of relationships. It is reflected in our openness, flexibility, responsiveness, respectful and humane attitude towards each other. It is important for us that all participants in the relationship remain the winners.

We think creatively

We are not acting according to a pattern, we are ready to reinvent ourselves and move on. We are not afraid of changes — they give us the drive that is so necessary for development, generation of fresh ideas and their rapid implementation.

Working with drive

The energy of a team of like-minded people, mutual assistance, support of managers and promptness in decision-making — this is an environment in which it is comfortable to create projects and implement ideas.

We combine dynamically developing assets

MEDIA1 covers national and local advertising opportunities with a unique set of media: TV, radio, UN, digital

61 Мcumulative coverage, 2021, all 4+, Russia 100K+
98 %coverage in Russia
48 Мcumulative coverage, 2021, all 4+, Russia 100 K+
73min. average viewing time, 2021, F 14-44, Russia 100 K+
34cities of own inventory presence
15 000advertising surfaces throughout Russia
8 Мradio stations
16 Мsubscribers on U and MUZ-TV digital platforms
531 Мviews of digital content in 2021

Geography of presence in Russia

All active
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  • МУЗ-ТВ
  • Ю
  • Выбери Радио
  • Digital
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85subjects of coverage
100 %country coverage

The main dates of the life of the media group

We are not acting according to a template, we are ready to reinvent ourselves and move on.


Choose Radio Group of Companies took control of GPMR radio stations in Perm, Yekaterinburg and Samara

+16radio stations

Gallery launches VDOOH, a digital signage platform

+1digital asset

«MUZ-TV 20/21 Award» gathered a record audience

20Mpeople watched the award on TV and Digital
120Minternet coverage

Choose Radio Group of Companies launches Getradio radio advertising marketplace in partnership with Main Agency

+1digital asset

Consolidation of all assets into MEDIA1 group of companies

1.5K employees throughout Russia
100M monthly media outreach

Gallery outdoor advertising operator became part of the holding. Active digitalization of surfaces has begun

15thousand advertising media
39regions of the country

MUZ-TV has received the right to carry out terrestrial digital broadcasting in the second multiplex on the territory of the Russian Federation

20nationwide broadcast button
100%coverage of the country by the channel (since 2019)

Launch of U channel

768broadcast locations
700+cable operators

"UTV" announced a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company. Disney Channel, the only free-to-air channel in the world, was launched in Russia

700+cable operators

Choose Radio holding was created, which manages radio stations in the regions

55+radio stations

A stake in STS Media was acquired

75%of the company

«Media-One» holding merged its TV assets with MUZ-TV and «7TV»


Regional TV channels were purchased

History of MEDIA1

The team that loves what it does

It's easy to be yourself at MEDIA1: we appreciate the experience that everyone brings from other industries and shares it with colleagues.

We approach business responsibly, bring benefits to the audience and change their lives for the better.

Фонд помощи детям с синдромом Дауна отметил юбилей

«МУЗ-ТВ» и фонд помощи бездомным животным «РЭЙ» пригласил на семейный благотворительный фестиваль

«МЕДИА1» Digital и канал «Ю»: как с помощью спецпроекта обратить внимание на общественную проблему 25 млн аудитории

GETRADIO запустил акцию поддержки малого и среднего бизнеса