Focus on collaboration

We are distinguished by high ethics of relationships. It is reflected in our openness, honesty, flexibility, responsiveness, respectful and humane attitude towards each other.

The leading industry non-profit organization that unites over 200 participants in the advertising and marketing communications market. ACAR develops sectoral industrial and ethical standards, conducts research on the advertising market and compiles ratings, organizes festivals and awards, and conducts educational events.

Russia's largest professional non-profit association of broadcasting companies. NAT includes more than 600 federal and regional companies, organizations and institutions.

Media Communications Union is a Russian industry association formed by the largest media companies and representatives of the country's telecom industry in February 2014. It represents the interests of telecom operators, copyright holders, broadcasters, large sales houses in relations with the authorities and society in Russia.

The only professional association in Russia of heads and experts of internal legal departments of more than 150 leading Russian and international companies. RCCA promotes the prestige of the legal function of the company, the strengthening of the legal community and the development of public institutions.

One of the leading business associations in Russia. The activities of the Association of Managers are aimed at the professional development of the community of managers, the transition to socially responsible business standards, and integration into the global economy.

The National Association of Visual Communications is a Russian non-profit organization that unites advertising producers and distributors of outdoor advertising and information.